1 day Silent Retreat (NL)

1 day silent meditation retreat | October 6th 2019

Theme: Blowing upon the Embers of the Heart a Sufi practice to awaken the soul and open the heart.

Wind down into Autumn, with another Day of Silence in which you are invited to let go more, being in acceptance with what is and learning to love yourself deeply. This will open you to experience more joy, connection & intimacy in life.
Join us into the silent space of the heart, and awakening the enthusiasm and fire of our Soul.

You are invited to open the heart as an intuitive organ of wisdom. A trust building into our intuitive subtle guidance, our inside tom tom. We increase the ability to sensitize with the world including ourselves in an intimate and emphatic way, without being overwhelmed.

During this day you will be nourished with tender tools that are directed to support you in opening the heart, quieting the mind, clearing your energy system (the nadi’s), and harmonizing the chakra’s.

Hridaya Yoga
This day is inspired by the rich teachings of Hridaya (Hatha) Yoga and Meditation, that is dedicated to living with an open heart.
Experience the deep transformations this yoga practice can bring in Silence. Which create the best conditions to fully allow the practice to be received and integrated.

The program has adopted different practices from the original wisdom teachings: Advaita Vedanta – non-dualism, Kashmir Shaivism, Sufism, Buddhism etc.
The golden threat throughout our practice will be Self-Enquiry, that will help us to anchor our awareness in our Essence, the Spiritual Heart.

Welcome on this inner journey of the Heart.

You’ll receive supporting tools to deepen your practice in:
– Different methods for quieting the mind
– Releasing tension and stress
– Exploration of the inner landscape of sensations, emotions, thoughts.
– Breaking through habits

Experience a deep cleanse on the physical, energetic, emotional and mental level.

Shhhhh it’s Mauna
Throughout the day we’ll keep Mauna, noble silence, in which we’ll not speak nor communicate with one another.
We invite you to keep out any mobile devices and social media connections.
Except from keeping a diary, we’ll not do any other reading of books or magazines.

In this way we’ll all contribute to creating the fruitful conditions for a save and comfortable container in which we’ll develop a meditative awareness that supports our practice of Self-Enquiry.
And we diminish any unnecessary stimulus.

Bare the fruits of a day in silence
After a day of silence you may expect many benefits:
– Clarity of mind
– Better sleep
– Inspiration|
– Calm and peaceful state of mind (or you might become more aware that their is a need for more rest, because you just feel very very tired).
– Harmonized central nervous system
– Deeper connection with your heart
– Deep intuition and knowing
– More present for yourself and others
– Knowing better what you need, because you FEEL it
– Natural Self-Love

Longing for more rest, connection and intimacy with yourself and life?
Treat your Self on a day of Silence, it will not leave you ashtray…

Esmé Ritstier has studied under the wing of Sahajananda, founder of Hridaya Yoga. Senia Melchizedek, school of esoteric teachings & personal transformation of One Consciousness Academy. And Christian pankhurst of Heart iQ Circle Facilitation. She’s a certified yoga & meditation teacher (500 RYA) and feminine leadership coach that fell in love with the way of the Heart, that invites to live with an open heart. Her classes and silent retreats are known as moments that make you feel at home in oneself. The practice of Self-Enquiry lies on the base of her practice. As well as intuitive guidance that help you to open into more awareness, deeper connection & inner joy.

“Moments shared in silence are the most precious medicine for me. It brings me in touch with a place within myself that I otherwise easily pass by. But once tasted a glimpse of that background of stillness…it’s contagious!”

Price for the 1 day silent retreat
€ 65
Teas & snacks included.

Potluck Lunch 
Bring a vegetarian dish for 2-3 persons that can be shared. In this way we create a buffet of surprises.
We’ll take care of home made soup, teas and snacks.

We are invited by Irene Vink at her amazing home area at
Burgerbrug in the Head of Noord-Holland, between the flower fields and countryside. Close to Petten beach.

In case of any questions or registration drop us a line with INFO and we’ll connect with you soon!