Why Not Now!

Join us in Summer School with the launch of Hridaya Yoga in the City of Amsterdam!

Come celebrate with us during a series of 8 inspiring workshops on a Saturday morning near Westerpark.
A complete yoga & meditation course that will bring you all the tools you need to:

– Relax the body
– Reset the mind
– Open the heart
– Developing a clear open awareness
– Better sleep
– Increased overall health
– Get rid of anxiety
– Embracing fears and obstacles
– Open to love and be loved
– Become more sensitive and empathic

Most important to reveal your authentic Self, experiencing more joy, love and gratitude !

Check out the dates and themes on our website!
Every workshop includes:

  • Hridaya Hatha Yoga practice.
  • Self-Inquiry Meditation.
  • Non-dual teachings that invite to find clearity and love, and live with an open heart!

Concluding in a 1-day silent meditation retreat.

Build an inner foundation of love!


Only 35 euros per workshop.
Follow the whole series for only 95 euro.

“Awaken the Mind.
Open the Heart.
Feel them make love in your belly!”
– Fia